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Who Are You Afraid Of? (Fear Not!)

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Everyone, at some point in their lives, has been afraid of something. There is nothing wrong with being afraid. It is natural to respond with fear so that we have sense enough to get out of the way when danger is coming. God instilled that in us. Now, he did not give us the “spirit” of fear. That is different than the basic instinct that protects us from danger. Fear is a product of the mind, just like faith is. Sometimes we usher things in our life through fear and worry that could have been avoided by meditation on God’s Word. Change your mind and it will change your life! You cannot listen to and watch negative things and expect to have a sound mind. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real…most of the time, things that you fear NEVER happen! All it does is give you a spirit of fear. We forget that God is the creator of all things and fear our giants more than we fear God. The devil uses fear to stop us from fulfilling our God-given destiny. We have to learn to use the Word to defeat the enemy and combat fear.