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A Palm Sunday Praise

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Praise means to laud, to applause and to give accolades. The opposite of praise is to criticize which means to find fault and condemn. Unfortunately, an attitude of criticism comes natural to us instead of and attitude of praise. You cannot condemn and praise as the same time. The bible gives three aspects of praise for this Palm Sunday. The first is the sacrifice of praise. Praise is a way of life that is not our human nature which is why praise is a sacrifice. The second is continually. When you praise Him continually, you praise Him all the time. Meaning, when you feel like it and when you don’t. The third aspect is the fruit if our lips giving praise to his name. Until you express it, you have not praised. Praise is expressive and most of the time it is verbal but you can praise in other ways like shouting, dancing, or even playing an instrument. People should be able to see or hear your praise. If you are alive, you should be praising because the bible says “Let everything that have breath praise ye the Lord!” Since there is no struggle for an apple to grow on an apple tree, it should be as simple for a praise to pour from our lips.