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Worship & Wellness Wednesdays

Join Dr. Scott and First Lady Scott in Worship & Wellness Wednesdays as they combine the power of worship songs, scripture and wellness tips from Dr. Leonard Scott’s book, “The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness”. The show is aired LIVE on Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday at 6pm EST.

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Worship & Wellness Bible Study

Dr. Scott presents a Bible Study based on the six chapters in his book, “The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness”. The topics include physical health, mental health, emotional health, financial health, social health and spiritual health. The Pastor or Bible Study leader will receive a curriculum and a video playlist that coordinates with each chapter. They will also receive a discount on books for the congregation/group.

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Testimonies & Reviews

“Bishop Leonard Scott has yet again given us spiritual nourishment with class and great wisdom. He’s gone under the radar no-more and you’ll be blessed by the resolute this man of God offers to so many of us through the vision God has given him.”- Xuam Lawson

Elder Xuam Lawson “The X-Man” Lawson is Program Director and host of the Gospel Program, “Real Gospel” with The Xman on WFSK 88.1, located on the campus of Historic Fisk University, Nahville, Tennessee

“I had the honor and the privilege to interview Dr. Scott, and he is as genuine in person as he is in his literature. With so many self-help books in the world, there was a need for one that helps us deal with our whole self. Being healthy mentally, and physically is one thing, but we cannot forget the spiritual part of our being. This book can help you get on the right track so you can focus on the man or woman you are ordained to be.”-Worldly Church Girl

Lillian Harshaw is the host of the uplifting and critically acclaimed podcast, Worldly Church Girl.

“Dr. Scott is amazing! It’s one thing to explain to a person what they need to do in order to get to the next level in life and it’s another thing to map it out and make it accessible at all times. This book has been very rewarding in my life and helping me to realize that really and truly knowing the word of God is putting it into practice in every area of your life. Because God is concerned about every area of your life! It was almost like I was reading the teachings of a dynamic wise grandfather! I will treasure it always, and put it to work!”
-Crystal Joy

Crystal Joy is the host of Joy in The Morning Radio Show WQQK 92Q, Nashville, TN and author of the thought provoking book “WHO ART IN HEAVEN”

“This book stimulated and motivated my inner self and intrinsic peace.  It provided me an opportunity to self reflect on striving to become a better me, naturally and spiritually. It gave me the necessary tools to accomplish complete wellness psychologically, cognitively, and physically.  Not only is Dr. Scott very influential to me musically, but through this book, he has provided quintessential strategies to significantly impact my overall well-being.”
-Micah Lee
Micah Lee is a multiple award-winning, and Top 20 Gospel Billboards charting artist, who also won one of my #HymnOfTheMonth Challenges in 2019.

“I bought your book when you spoke at Pastor Randall Sheppard’s church not too long ago. I go to Christ Temple and was sharing briefly with you that I had started a weight loss competition there. It was successful however, trying to create an environment of healthy living which includes diet, exercise etc. just isn’t easy amongst church people. I’m sorry to say. Anyway, I wanted you to know what I thought of your book. AWESOME, SIMPLY AWESOME! Well written, easy read, so much good information. I got a lot from your book. I love this book. Thank you for allowing God to use you!”              – Denise M. Williams-Gleghorn