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Dare to Dream

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All dreams are not meaningless. Some of our dreams show our purpose. Our dreams have to be worthy because anything that we dwell on and dream about has the possibility of coming true. People die when they no longer have a purpose. God has placed a purpose in all of us that only he may be able to see. What has God put in you that other people don’t have? We have to transform our minds. When you use the power and energy that you normally use on negative things on positive things, it can change your whole life! There are two problems we face when we dare to dream. First, everybody is not going to be happy about your dreams because your dreams could take them out from where they are. Second, when we have a dream, we expect it to come to fruition right away. Sometime they don’t happen right away but they will come to past. We have to see our dreams through the eyes of faith, meaning we can’t go by what we see, we have to go by what God said. God’s word mixed with your faith will cause miracles to happen.