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Divine & Demonic Interceptions

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In this game called life, we get to decide which team we want to be on. There is God’s team, Team Spirit, and there is the Devil’s team, Team Flesh. Now, we are the quarterbacks of our own teams. We call the shots on the field. The coach is there to influence us but the ultimate plays are our decisions. Not only do we get to pick our team, pick our coach, and make our own plays, but we also get to pick who plays on our teams with us, angels or demons. The purpose of the game is to score, to be successful. To do this you can’t let your dream be intercepted. In the game of football, an interception is when the reception of the ball gets interrupted by someone from the other team. An interception can seal your fate. There are going to be times when you fail, but hopefully it is not because you blatantly disrespect God. There are three things you can do to keep from getting intercepted. First, keep your focus on your goal and purpose and continually see yourself being successful. Second, have a good friend or mentor who is also on the spirit team, someone who is maybe even more spiritual than you are. Third realize that losing a play is not losing the game. Our coach, God, loves us so much they he brought his son, Jesus, into the game to show us how to play on the spirit team.