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Faith To Pursue Your Calling

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Today I want to talk about having the faith to pursue your calling. Some of us do not even know what our calling is. Your calling may be different now than the calling you had ten years ago. You have to keep your ear tuned to God to know your calling. “Many are called but few are chosen” because many of us do not accept the call! You have to determine what your calling is and God has to impact that on you, no one else can. A lot of times, your calling is something that you can do really well that others may not be able to do as well. There are some specific callings and general callings. We are all called to be saved, to pray, to worship, etc., but we also have specific callings. For example, someone may be called to clean the church while someone else may be called to be an usher in the church. Sometimes we have to overcome fear to walk I our calling. All you need to do is have a willing spirit. It is not about what is in it for you, it’s for the glory of God!