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Head Faith Vs. Heart Faith

There are two types of faith that we can possess. Head faith is sense and evidence based. It is faithless but believing. This is displayed by Thomas in the book of John (John 20:24-29). Heart faith is spiritual based. It is not based on our physical senses. This type of faith is displayed by Abraham in the book of Romans (Romans 4:17-21). Many times we say show me and I will believe while Christ is telling us to believe first and he will show us. Very few people rely on or even tap into their spiritual senses. It is hard to believe in things that are invisible. It takes faith to believe in and pray to an invisible God. To exercise out faith we must have a working knowledge of His Word and of God’s will. Through this, God will be able to reveal things to us, through His Spirit, that are not available to us through physical senses. We lack knowledge because we let other things that entertain us distract us. We need to get to the point where we can discern the voice of God and the only way to do that is to get to know Him. We may not completely understand Him but we don’t have to understand Him to know Him and believe in Him.