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Remembering Jesus: The Blood & The Flesh

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A couple of weeks ago we talked about the peculiarity and power of the blood and how significant it was to Passover. In the last supper Jesus told his disciples to drink His blood and eat His flesh. The scripture it says “This do in remembrance of me.” When many Christians hear that today, they think He wanted us to remember the life He lived, but Jesus wanted us to remember his death. The victory was won when his blood was shed! Back in biblical times, when Jesus said this they got confused. But Jesus was speaking from a spiritual standpoint. There is a difference between our physical senses and our spiritual senses. There is a scripture that says “taste and see.” The remarkable thing about the sense of taste is it is the one sense that takes in every other sense. Jesus wants us to remember how he shed his blood as complete payment for our sins so that we can live with no guilt of what we have done. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation.