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Leonard Scott: Bringing Souls Closer to Jesus through Worship Music

Missionary Bishop Leonard Scott lives up to his commitment of revealing Jesus to churches and individuals all over the nation by creating worship music, inspirational books and Christian-themed movies, among others.

Believing in the power of music as a tool in proclaiming the life of Jesus, he offers anthologies of worship songs you have grown to love as well as fresh, new music that can help reestablish your connection with God.

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer is when you engage in a heart-to-heart conversation with your God. Praying allows you to tell Him anything and everything from your heart’s most fervent desires and the struggles that make you weak to an account of mundane things that took place throughout the day.

It is through prayer that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ our King and Savior is affirmed and strengthened. And it is through our solemn communication with him that we get to know Him, and the role He plays in our individual lives.

A Person Who Sings, Prays Twice

St. Augustine said: “For a person who sings praise, does not only praise, but also praises joyfully; a person who sings praise songs, not only sings, but also loves Him whom he is singing for.”According to the Bishop of Hippo, when someone sings for God, that person is acknowledging and proclaiming Him in public, and in his song, love is present.

Leonard Scott introduces worship music that can take your worship to a different level. Proclaim your love for Jesus, rejoice, give thanks, and tell the entire world how Jesus’ love for you transformed you through heartfelt singing. Tell the world how He died for you and how, in return, you’ll live for Him by singing songs of praise.

Transform Your Prayer Experience

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Do you remember the last time you lost yourself in prayer and felt God’s presence? Let Bishop Leonard Scott usher you back into the heart of worship with his collection of praise songs.

Our music, DVDs, and books are also offered at discounted prices this season. Call us at 317.257.7625 or email to learn more.