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Spiritual Strength

If your physical body is malnourished, you would be physically unable to comprehend the things going on around you. Your organs begin to shut down, your vision becomes blurry, and your hearing weakens. The same goes for your spirit man. Just as you keep your physical body strong be nourishing it, you keep your spirt man strong by feeding it.  One meal per week is not good enough. You have to feed your spirit man daily as you do your physical body. Jesus said eat my flesh and drink my blood. His flesh is our daily bread which is food to our spirit man. His blood is like spiritual water and air. We need to pray every day. Spend quality time with God. See what starts happening if your feed your spirit man the word of God three times per day. We have the power to change this whole world but we have to allow God to use us. He can only do it if we give our spirit man the strength it needs.