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Spiritual Warfare

Human beings are comprised of three tiers. The body is how we communicate with the world around us. The soul is how we communicate with ourselves. The spirit is how we communicate with Christ. We are constantly at battle with the spiritual world as the devil fights to build strongholds that we are expected to tear down. Our battle is against the darkness, therefore, our weapons for warfare are not physical but they are powerful! God provides us with three basic weapons: prayer, fasting and his Word. Prayer is like air to your spirit man. We have to be in prayer constantly, whether it be a short prayer, public prayer, or prayer in your private prayer closet. We have to remember that we are not praying for the glory of others, but praying for the glory of God. Fasting intensifies your prayer life. When you fast, you should not show it! Do not brag about fasting, instead do it in private. God will reward you openly for what you do in private. Our faith is built through prayer and fasting. Finally, the word is food for our spirit man. Just as we pray daily, we have to feed our spirit man the word of God daily.