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The Ministry of Encouragement

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Are you an encourager or are you a critic? To encourage means to inspire with confidence, while to criticize means to find fault with, point out flaws, and express disapproval. It’s easy to tear someone or something down but it’s so much harder to build someone up! You don’t need any skill to tear someone down. Let’s talk about David. Most of us learned the story of David and Goliath when we were just little kids in Sunday School class. But slaying Goliath was just one of his many test and trials that lead to him becoming King David. David was the youngest of 8 sons and he was far from the favorite son. He was looked down upon by both his father and brothers, even though he was the son God had picked to be the King of Israel. Man looks at the physical, God looks at the heart. Before he could have the throne, he had to go through a process. Many times, when you go through tests and trials it is to prepare you for the next thing, the next level!