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The Power of Communication & Relationships

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Lets talk about the strongest man in the world! Judges 16:16 tells us the story of Samson and Delilah. The Lord anointed Samson to be the strongest man in the world before he was even born but their were some stipulations; he couldn’t eat certain things, he couldn’t drink wine and he couldn’t cut his hair. He was a Nazarite, which is someone who dedicates themselves to God to he did all of these things in honor of God. God gave him his super natural strength, but Samson also had a weakness which was women. Delilah was not the first bad girl Samson had been with, she was just the last. Delilah made Samson feel like they were in love, but not everything that feels like love is love. Delilah asked Samson where his strength came from in order to deceive him and help take his strength. Although he lied to her three times, he eventually told her the true secret to his strength, his hair. As soon as he told her, Delilah told him to go to sleep on her lap and called the closest barber to cut his hair off. When he awoke, his hair and power were gone. Not only did they strip him of his power, they took his eyes out and made him a source of entertainment, likened to animals. God gives us chance after chance after chance but He does not have to give us unlimited chances. He can leave you just like He left Samson after so many chances. Once Samson’s hair started to grow back, they took him to the coliseum to provide entertainment. Samson asked where the pillars were that hold up the coliseum. He called on the name of the Lord and asked for God to provide him strength one last time. He pulled down the pillars and killed everyone in the coliseum. We learn three things from this story; 1) Watch who you let get close to you, 2) Keep God’s word, and 3) watch who you go to bed with!