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The Resurrection & The Blood

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Blood is a peculiar substance, the site of which can overtake you. The Bible says that the life of the flesh is in the blood. That must be where the spirit lives. The blood is the only thing in your body that touches every single organ in your body. Back in biblical days, people would sacrifice animals and use their blood to atone for their sins. All of the blood that was shed for sacrifice before Calvary did not pay for our sins, they simply covered them like a loan with steep interest. The blood of Christ is that powerful! Many of your know about my daughter’s fight with Leukemia. The only way to cure the blood cancer she had was through a bone marrow transplant, but they couldn’t find a match for her. One day, a nurse came into her room and told us they had found a match through an umbilical cord. My daughter looked up at me and sad “Daddy, God allowed a baby to be born so that I can live!” God did the same thing for us. He allowed a baby to be born whose blood would save us all.