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The Ultimate Boost from Within Part 5

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Last week we started to touch on the subject of financial health and how wealth does not equate to the amount of money you have. Honestly, you don’t have to really be that smart to do that well. God gave you gifts and He wants a return on His investment. Perfect your skills and you will be successful. You should also surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and learn from them. One of the biggest secrets to financial success is tithing. If possible, you should do the 10/10 rule. You should give 10% of your earnings as a tithe and 10% of your tithes as an offering. On top of tithing to God, you should tithe to yourself, after your bills are paid of course. Don’t get in the habit of spending more than you make. In fact, as quickly as you can, get out of debt. If you can, live below your means. If you are able to tithe to yourself, you should have 3 savings account. The first one should be an emergency account. Why go into debt over things that you know are going to happen? Emergencies happen all of the time. Be prepared for them. The second is a retirement fund because eventually, you will have to retire. Finally, you need a vacation fund. You don’t want to save up for a vacation and come back and worry about your bills getting paid. You should already have some money set aside for that. Start building these accounts by setting goals and sticking to them.