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They Chose the Pigs

There are 4 different types of spirits that we may encounter. Those are human spirits, God’s spirit, angelic spirits, and demonic spirits. There are people who believe that all illness is based in science whereas some believe that illnesses are demonic. Actually, some illnesses are demonic and some are biological. We not only need to know how to discern demonic spirits but we also have to know how to fight them. We have to be careful what we let into our spirit. You have to pray and fast in order to deal with spirits especially since some demonic spirits are only defeated through prayer and fasting. In chapter 5 of St. Mark, we encounter the story of when Jesus cast legions of demons out of a man and into a flock of pigs, who then ran over a cliff and killed themselves. After the townspeople found out about this, instead of thanking Jesus they asked him to leave. They chose the pigs over Christ. A lot of times, we want to hold on to the stuff that we have instead of letting it go. God wants to give us better and he cannot do that until we let go!