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Things That Accompany Salvation

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There are things that come along with being saved, some qualifications. Are you one of the called, chosen and faithful? First you have to be called and believe it or not, everyone has been called. Christ died for you. But just because you are called does not mean you are chosen. There is one main difference, you don’t have to come when you are called. You have to first accept the call to be chosen. After you have accepted the call and are chosen by Christ, you have to be faithful. That is where many of us go wrong. Life with Jesus is a life of testing because you will never grow without testing. Your faithfulness will be tested. There are thousands of other things that accompany salvation but I wanted to zero in on faithfulness today. The average person who calls themselves a Christian go to church only twice a month as opposed to eight times a month. And we wonder why so much bad is happening in the world, it’s because we have no power. We aren’t faithful. We have no strength because we don’t go to church. What are we supposed to be faithful in? We are supposed to love. Love is a decision you make, not a feeling you have . When you are faithful, there will be evidence of your faithfulness.