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Aches, pains, lack of sufficient resources, and generalized feelings of inadequacy can sneak into our lives as we approach our latter years. We recognize that there are some aspects of our being that we have little to no influence over, such as our genetic makeup, our parental lineage, the family we have inherited and the legacy that accompanies it and at least to some extent, the country or environment where we reside. However, there are many other aspects in our lives that are affected either directly or indirectly by our efforts. The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness and Happiness; Bless Your Bones helps you put these efforts to work for you and your overall health and wellbeing.


Incorporate relatively simple exercises in a ten-minute routine that will usher you to a healthier body.

  • Make minor changes in daily activities that will make a major difference in your health and wellbeing.
  • Control your thoughts and, your disposition.
  • Turn your money into a tool to help you rather than a burden to destroy you.
  • Improve your relationship with those who are important in your life.
  • Prepare for your future both here and beyond


    Following this tried-and-true prescription for thirty-one days will help you add years to your life and life to your years. You can look and feel younger and get back on track to health and wholeness.

    • Discover a relatively simple, doable exercise program to help you improve your health without having to train for a marathon.
    • Consider that what is eating you might be more important than what you are eating.
    • Explore how your three unique parts work together to make one whole.
    • Realize that what you say to yourself is often more important than what others say to you.
    • Unleash the power of a good attitude to make positive changes in your life.
    • Discover the difference between stress and distress.
    • Find the healing power of joy and laughter.
    • Overcome destructive worry, fear, jealousy, and envy.
    • Learn what money really is and how to make it work for you.
    • Explore the skills of listening and speaking and how these can greatly enhance your life.
    • Stop allowing other people and things deter you from your goals.
    • Know that you and you alone have the power to manifest your life.

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