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Who are You Wrestling?

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Let’s talk about spiritual warfare. When God pours down his blessings, the devil attacks. The one we are against is not flesh and blood, we are up against spiritual beings! The devil has a strategy but so does God and God’s strategy beats the devil’s strategy every time. The devil’s strategy includes levels. The first level is principalities. There are rankings of spirit beings. The devils ranks his demons. Often, we spend too much time fighting mini demons, the ones that are low in rank and don’t really matter. There are three major principalities: the lust of the flesh which is moral impurity , the pride of life which is bitterness and jealousy, and the lust of the eye or temporal values. The second level is powers which include supernatural things like witch craft. The bible says that the principalities and the powers cannot separate us from the love of God. Third is the rulers of the darkness of this world. The fourth one is spiritual wickedness in high places. The devil wants our worship and we give it to him when we talk about the things that he does instead of the things God does. When the devil attacked Jesus, everything he said to the devil was Word. We have to have God’s word in us so that when the devil comes, we are ready to fight. Instead of fighting the small demons and focusing on physical beings, we need to turn to God and fight spirit with spirit.