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Why Go To Church?

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Different people go to church for different reasons. Unfortunately, the reason we go is not always the reason we should go. The reason we should go to church because Jesus did. He is our example and it was his custom to go to church. Instead, we go because it “feels good”. People go places they want to be. They go there early and stay late. It’s the opposite when they don’t want to be there. They come up with every excuse possible to get there late and leave early. In Scripture, we find a few reasons why we should go to church. First, the church is called out from the world. We do not belong to ourselves! We are God’s property so we don’t have the right to say whether we want to go to church or not. Second, the church is also the body of Christ. When you miss church and you are part of the body, you are missed. You are important to the body of Christ. It knows when you are missing. Third, your strength and help comes from the house of the Lord which is why the devil tries to keep you from coming. God gives you exactly what you need at church but if you miss church, you miss your blessing. Finally, He works on us in the church. He shows us ourselves, humbles us and sharpens us. The thing about church is that you are going to get what you are looking for out of it. So if you come with a bad attitude, you won’t get much. When you come with an spirit of thanksgiving and expectancy, you will get just that.