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Why We Sing

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Christianity is a singing religion. We sing about our God and how good He is! Singing is important to God. The Bible mentions singing over 200 times. The longest book in the Bible is a book of poems and songs and is placed right in the middle of the Bible. We were made to sing songs unto His name. We sing because we are commanded to sing. God tells us to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Psalms are simply singing a scripture right out of the Bible. Singing scripture is not only pleasing to His ears, it allows you to repeat the scripture over and over again and memorize it so that it is buried in your spirit. Hymns are found in hymn books and usually include a chorus and multiple verses. Spiritual songs are ones that God places in our spirits. There are different types of songs we sing. Some are from us to others, some are action songs, others are songs to ourselves, there are songs we sing to the devil, then there are songs God sings to us and love songs we sing to him! If you have a mouth, you should be using it to glorify God by singing praises unto Him.